Kaka Artes Biscuit Collection


Form air dry clay and other confection into, the detailed silicone mold easy to create your embellishments perfect for making soaps, decoration, jewelry, fake cake decorations, candies, soaps, scrapbooks, and much more! Silicone molds can be used with polymer clay, air-dry clay, soap, chocolate, candy, fondant, gum paste, and more.

Just lightly dust this mold with cornstarch and fill its cavities with your medium of choice, and you'll have a detailed.

NOTE: If you use your mold for polymer clay, do not use the same mold for any food products. Clean your molds gently under running water with soap only when dirty to preserve the shiny finish. Refrain from using harsh chemicals to clean your mold as this degrades the shiny finish slowly. Avoid using your nails or other sharp objects when cleaning or demolding it will damage and scratch the shiny finish. 

* Note, This product is handmade


Made in Brazil 

**Photos are for illustration only 

*** Air Dry clay samples are not included.

****Colors tone may vary

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