TeckBond Collection

Craft Glues for a Range of Hobbies and Household Projects

Tackling hobby and craft projects are simple with a variety of art fixatives. Spray adhesive offers repositionable flexibility while creating collages or event posters on a broad range of surfaces. Acid and lignin-free glue dots work well for scrapbook projects and won't damage photos and other important documents. Hot glue guns are ideal for bonding materials like wood, leather, and ceramics, and mosaic adhesive helps to create durable and attractive tile work designs. Cyanoacrylate adhesives provide a super-strong bond that's perfect for jewelry and model-building projects. Mounting putties and adhesive mounting strips let you hang artwork on nearly any surface without damaging a wall or the display piece. Fabric-safe glues can make sewing projects go more smoothly as items stay in their intended place.