Pearlescent Pigments Anne's Collection

It has easy dispersion and excellent pigmentation offers high dyeing and covering power, extremely pure color. With intense and uniform color, ideal for finishing and details in clay pieces.

Application: In addition to dyeing the dough without straining the hands and without altering the texture, it can also be used to give a finish or shading with a dry brush.

The colors are mixable with each other, and different toning effects can be obtained.

How to use: Place a small amount directly in the natural biscuit dough, white or in colored doughs. Knead until all the pigment dots disappear. The color will darken when the biscuit is completely dry.

For effects and finishing use a soft bristle brush.

Storage: Keep the container closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Do not expose to sunlight.

Composition: Natural mineral coated with metallic oxides

Packaging: Kit with 6 transparent screw-on plastic pots with screw cap.