Double-Side Texture 3'x 4'

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Texture Mat, perfect to use in polymer Clay, Air dry Clay, Suggarpast, cookie, Fondant cake, modeling clay, and much more!
Stamps are deep to give highly detailed beautiful results for both dimensional design and surface imprinting.

Beautiful highly textured imprints and stampings can be achieved with this design.
This fun overall pattern has so many possibilities for you to create with!
This is stamp is perfect for shrines, jewelry, and mixed media projects.

Material – Foam

Qty: 1 pc Duble-Side 

Approximate size :3'x4' 


Made in Brazil

Material: Foam

Easy cleanup

Wash with water and neutral detergent before use.
Wash before using.

Please- do NOT use a blade with this texture mat.
It is not meant for blade techniques such as the "Sutton Slice," as your blade can cut or mar the surface.

Do not put weight on the texture

*Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

*Please note the color of the texture sheet may vary

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