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The Bluestar Sprayer is a hand pressure tool for spraying decorative powders and glitters

SPRAYER will help you apply various types of final decorations to your preparations, from powders such as glitter to liquid solutions, such as liquid dye, in gel, and even sparkling and fluorescent powders, diluted in an alcoholic solution or cereal alcohol.

The GREEN SPRAYER is super practical to use. It's all made of plastic materials, so it's very light and versatile.

It consists of two parts, which are a spray pump and a bottle, which is where you will deposit the material you want to spray. One part fits into the other easily.

BLUESTAR SPRAYERS are compact so they are easy to carry and you can take them anywhere!!

Available in 2 colors: Baby Pink  / Tiffany Green 

included items

• A pressure-driven sprayer

• Two little pots to put the shine

• A slot to fit

Size: 29.5 x 7.0 cm 

Non-toxic product

Material: PLA - Easy cleanup
Wash before using.
Blue Star
Made in Brazil

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****Colors  may vary

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