Set Snowflake 02 Ejector

BlueStar Brazil

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Three functions in one product: cut, mark details and eject the dough with a surprising finish! The Snowflake Ejector consists of four cutters of different sizes, so you have a lot more decoration options!

Create many more appliques for cakes, candies, decoration items and souvenirs!

The cutters are ideal for polymer clay, air dry clay, suggarpast, cookie, fondant cake, modeling clay, etc.
Produced with resistant materials, specially developed to provide the best cuts and textures for any modeling. Decorative is excellent for symmetrical shapes.
Number of Pieces 4 pcs
Size: Ø de 3,4 x 7,7 a 3,6 x 8,7cm
Think 1 cm
Non-toxic product
Material: PLA - Easy cleanup
Wash before using.
Blue Start
Made in Brazil

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