Set Color Velvet Flocking Powder + Special Flocking Adhesive REF: FLAD5

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 With the use of flocking powder, your pieces will have a smooth and velvety finish with incredible colors.

Flocking Powder nylon fibers are durable, water-resistant, fading, and have steady colors.
Apply to your project  special permanent glue for flocking  - SOLD SEPARATELY
After drying the permanent glue, apply the flocculating fibers, we advise you to use a sieve to separate some balls, after placing it in a plastic bag and place your piece inside to stick better on the piece, after use a soft brush to remove the excess
Available in 5 colors
Can be used in cold porcelain pieces, jewelry boxes, drawers, or backs of any piece that you don't want to scratch your furniture
  NYLON fibers are petroleum-based and therefore - Durable - Weather resistant!
While the NYLON fibers are durable to handling, because they are very thin the NYLON fibers are still soft-to-the-touch.

Is the Flocking Durable? Yes, it will last many years. You will get normal handling wear as with everything.

Nylon Fiber 0.9mm


Qty: 5 tubes colors Lilac, Pink, Light Pink, Purple, Titti Frutti + 01 Especial Flocking Adhesive  40ml

Made in Brazil 

* Non-food 


****Notice colors may appear different depending on your monitor


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