Embossed and Cutout Clay Cutter - Bee I

Embossed and Cutout Clay Cutter - Bee I

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The cutters are ideal for Polymer Clay, Air dry Clay, Sugar paste, cookies, Fondant cakes, modeling clay, etc.
Produced with resistant materials, specially developed to provide the best cuts and textures for any modeling. 

This set includes 1 cutter shape and 1 marker 

Size: 6cm

REF: C0076-1

Qty 2 pieces   1 marker, 1 cutter

Material PLA


3D printed from 100% Food Safe PLA Plastic Derived from Corn Starch. Wash before using. Please note these are not dishwasher safe and are for Hand Wash only in cool water.

Made in Brazil.

All these units are 100% brand new from the printer, demo units are not sold here.


         You will get better results with any cutter if you prepare it correctly. Dust your work surface with a thin but even coat of flour to keep the dough from sticking and roll the dough to an even thickness.

         If you use Air Dry Clay or Polymer Clay, you must spread coconut oil in the cutter before you apply it to your project. 

         Sometimes dough sticks to even a well-floured cutter, especially if the dough is soft or the cutter has an intricate pattern. It helps to keep a small spatula or butter knife with a tapered tip nearby.  


* 3D printing units may contain small spots that will not affect the quality of the cut in any way.

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