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Air Dry Clay - Cold Porcelain - 90 grams Air-dried clay is a type of uncooked clay that does not require an oven to harden and finish. Ideal for crafts, miniatures, jewelry, cosplay, theater accessories, creating 3D graphics, and more.

It can be decorated with oil paints, acrylics, or markers. before or after it dries.

Specially designed to make souvenirs from handprints, realistic dolls, or decorative items with faux marble or stone finishes.

Some can even be sculpted, drilled, or sanded. Great texture - shaped only by the warmth of the hands.

Does not go to the oven or stove

Ideal for dyeing

Allows custom jobs in the exact color you want to get

No time wasted Minimal shrinkage (decrease)

Weight: 90gr



Made in Brazil